Innovative Learning Environment

Developing skills of collaboration, cooperation, critical thinking and creativity require approaches to teaching and learning beyond the traditional approach of a teacher in a classroom lecturing students. These skills are best taught through a variety of practices and settings. We have designed spaces that support a wide range of styles of learning and working, to create a campus that nurtures a sense of learning community ...
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Future Ready Learning

We recognize that the world is in an era of unprecedented change and innovation. The world of work is changing dramatically as we move from the ‘post knowledge age’ to the ‘age of innovation’. Jobs are disappearing and being replaced by new jobs and ways of working. Innova Academy prepares your child for the future by nurturing a growth mindset and culture that promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship ...
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Your Community

Innova Academy is designed as a learning community where everyone is a learner in a welcoming, safe and engaging environment. We believe that schools are most effective when there is a partnership between home, school and the broader community. We also seek to serve the community through our leadership and action programs to engage in activities and partnerships to serve others ...
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