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Our Schools: Innova Academy and Innova Early Years Center

Innova has an exciting vision for education, to provide an outstanding international education with a focus on 21st-century skills that provides young people with:

  • Fluency in the world’s two most important languages (English and Chinese);
  • A pathway to entrance to the best universities around the world; the skills to adapt in the ‘Age of Innovation’;
  • The qualities of leadership, responsibility and service that are the foundation of character development.

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Located in Beijing, China, Innova Academy (Kindergarten to Grade 12) will be opening in August 2020. Innova Early Years Center now has two dedicated kindergarten campuses in Beijing – the Yizhuang campus in Daxing District, and the recently opened Fanhai campus in Chaoyang District.

Innova Academy

Welcome to Innova Academy,  an exciting new school providing high-quality international education from Kindergarten (5 years old) to Grade 12 opening in August 2020. Located in Tongzhou district in the south-east of Beijing, Innova Academy is 15 minutes to the Yizhuang CBD, 30 minutes to the Beijing CBD.

* For the first year (20/21 school year) at Innova Academy, we will be accepting enrolments for Grade levels K5-3 and Grade 6-8 only.

Innova Academy provides an exciting and rich educational program that prepares young people to be inquirers, innovators and entrepreneurs – to find their place in a world that is being disrupted by rapid technological change and globalization.

Across our physical and virtual environments, and throughout our curricular and extra-curricular offerings, we are focused on the future of education, supported by the strength of our educational, leadership and administrative teams, and by our deep appreciation of our past experiences and collective cultural underpinnings.

Our programme has a strong emphasis on languages, technology, creative arts, health, physical development and community service. It cultivates students to be problem finders and problem solvers.

The Innova programme challenges students to engage in finding solutions to real-world problems faced in the community and the natural environment and to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills while developing sustainable social enterprises.

Innova Academy is more than a school, we are a learning community that focuses on promoting learning, creating and sharing. Our purposefully designed learning and collaboration spaces allow students, parents and visitors to meet and catch up with each other before and after school and during the day. By extension, our environment becomes more than a school, it becomes a second home for everyone in our community.

We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our students, contributing to and being a part of the larger community, and to being at the forefront of educational practice and community spirit.

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WeChat: WeChat QR code
Telephone: 85900519
Email: info@innovaedu.cn
Campus location: No.5 Xingguang Road, Tongzhou District, 100176 Beijing, China

Innova Early Years Center – Fanhai & Yizhuang Campuses

Innova Early Years Center is an exceptional kindergarten that captures the hearts and imagination of everyone who visits. Whether you are looking for the best kindergarten for your child, or you are interested in seeing a truly inspiring kindergarten that puts leading educational research and proven practice into action, we enjoy sharing our ideas, passion for early years education and welcoming visitors.

Innova Early Years Center features two dedicated campuses in Beijing for children from 2 – 5 years of age. These kindergartens offer an outstanding learning environment with extensive high-quality resources, an exciting play-based international curriculum, outstanding teachers and incorporates leading technology that enriches and enhances the learning program.

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Email enquiries: info@innovaedu.cn
Telephone: +86 01 8792 7738 | Mobile: +86 131 2109 5983
Campus locations: Fanhai, Chaoyang District, and Yizhuang CBD, Daxing District.

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