Child Protection

Innova Academy is committed to child protection to ensure our students are safe and to protect them from harm. In keeping with the expectation that all staff and volunteers share this commitment, those applying for a position at the Academy must be willing to undergo employment background checks and screening appropriate to the post.

Who We are

Innova Academy, K-12 has an outstanding team of experienced international educators already in place completing preparations for the opening of the school in August 2021.

Renowned international school leaders, John McBryde (Founding Director) and Head of School Karen O’Connell (Head of School) have joined forces to establish the school.

John and Karen have a long history of working together and are recognized as visionary educators and exceptional school leaders.

They are not new faces to Beijing having served as Director and Deputy Director at the outstanding Western Academy of Beijing during its growth and development phase spanning 1998-2011. Karen has also served at the prestigious United World College SEA, Singapore.

They have been working with an exceptional team of teachers and leaders over the past few years to prepare for Innova Academy’s opening in 2020. The team has worked hard on developing a unique curriculum designed to prepare ‘responsible learners ready for the future’. Each student will be ‘Inspired to Wonder, Challenged to Explore, Supported to Create and Empowered to Connect’.

To achieve this, they have incorporated a strong emphasis on ‘Future Ready Skills’, Technology and approaches such as interdisciplinary, project-based learning and design thinking; and a commitment to service and action, incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The curriculum has been structured around the IB programme framework and incorporates the requirements of the Chinese National Curriculum and has also incorporated other international standards.

We are excited that Innova Academy, K-12 will be led by Head of School, Karen O’Connell, Middle High School Principal, Paul Sebastian and Jacqui Patrick.

Join Our Outstanding Team

Innova Academy is dedicated to becoming a leading school in Beijing. We are more than a school – we are a learning community that focuses on promoting learning, creating and sharing.

Learning inspires us; it captures our hearts and our minds, fueling passion, creativity and innovation.  We work hard and play hard and our school becomes a second home for everyone in our community.

We need teachers who will genuinely buy into our Mission, Values and Spirit and will relate to our culture in a real way. We are looking for teachers with the integrity, quality and potential to thrive in our environment.

As we grow we will continue to search for enthusiastic professionals to join our team who demonstrate strong leadership, dedication and collaboration and bring diversity to our environment.

What is required

Relevant qualifications and experience and a coherent employment record are required. We are looking for potential as much as proven experience: we do not need every colleague to be an extremely experienced teacher.

We need balance in the teaching staff and are particularly keen to appoint diverse, enthusiastic and high potential teachers; people who will learn from the experience of being in a new school and become outstanding practitioners.

Requirements according to Chinese labor regulations:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent
  • Minimum of 2 years teaching experience

We request clearance of criminal records and successful background check for all staff working with our students. Please be prepared to submit such document from your country of origin and/or the country of your current residence, if different.

How to Apply

Teaching vacancies are advertised with SEARCH Associates, ISS-Schrole, TRI, True Teaching and on our ‘Employment’ page.

We invite all potential teachers and staff to browse our website and learn more about us prior to applying.

Please do not send emails of application. You can apply directly by clicking on any of the hyperlinks listed as positions below or through one of the recruitment agencies.

International Educator Job Fairs

Innova Academy plans to attend the following job fairs:

  • Search Associates, Melbourne
  • ISS-Schrole, Bangkok
  • Search Associates, Bangkok
  • Search Associates, London
  • ISS-Schrole, New York

Vacancies Commencing 3 August 2021

Click on the ‘APLi NOW’ for more information and to apply to any of the following positions.

Salary (Foreign-hire Teaching Staff)

Maximum Entry (Bachelor) with 5 years experience
Gross Annual RMB 355,712 | Estimated Net Annual RMB 288,588

Maximum Entry (Bachelor) with 8 years experience
Gross Annual RMB 411,715 | Estimated Net Annual RMB 332,361

Maximum Entry (Masters) with 5 years experience
Gross Annual RMB 373,049 | Estimated Net Annual RMB 302,458

Maximum Entry (Masters) with 8 years experience
Gross Annual RMB 423,718 | Estimated Net Annual RMB 341,364


Benefits include flights (beginning and end of contract), Flights for Rest and Recuperation (R&R end of each year), Housing Allowance, Medical Insurance, End of Contract Bonus and Visas