An Exciting Learning and Community Environment

Innova Academy is an exciting new 21st century international school scheduled to open in Beijing Yi Zhuang Special Economic Zone in Feng Tai District. The 40,000 square meter campus consists of a main teaching block and a Sports and Community Center which compliment the sports fields and outdoor play areas.

The school is designed for 1,100 students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and will provide an international programme including the International Baccalaureate programmes.

The layout of the campus is designed to provide a warm and caring environment and to promote the development of community as well as to provide flexible-learning spaces designed to meet the learning styles of 21st century learners. This includes open planned classrooms, a variety of studio spaces and centers for specialized learning activities. The library has been re-conceptualized to become an open space that spreads throughout multiple floors of the building an includes a wide variety of learning spaces for individual and group study and discussions as well as access to a wide range of book, digital and other resources.

The environment is designed to create a seamless integration between the physical, emotional and digital environments. The integration of technology has been carefully considered. Students will have their own or school provided devices and will be connected to our digital learning environment and network at school, home and when they are on the move. Specialized digital tools are provided to support all areas of learning and include video and sound recording studios, Design and maker studios as well as the arts and science.

Furniture has also been carefully selected with ergonomics and student and safety in mind and to support a wide range of learning situations and styles including a range of seating and working options and settings. This is designed to provide spaces that suit the type of learning and variety of learning.

Interior design has been carefully considered to creative an environment that is suited to extended periods of study, comfort and to promote creativity. It incorporates a contemporary design scheme that incorporates a fusion of Chinese culture.

Temperature, air quality and environmental features such as natural and other lighting, green spaces have been carefully designed and will be constantly monitored.

The overall learning environment is designed to promote ‘future’ learningskills including thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, sharing and celebration as well as physical and recreational opportunities to support a work and healthy life style balance.

The ground floor of the main building is designed as a community mall with dining, exhibition and performance spaces where teachers, students and parents can connect and network.

Floors 2-3 are dedicated to the Elementary homeroom learning spaces and library, while floors 4-5 are for Middle and High School homeroom learning spaces and library. Floors 6-8 are dedicated to specialist teaching labs and studios or Chinese Culture and Language, Science, Visual Arts, Music, Design and Technology.

The Sports Center includes an Olympic Swimming Pool, Gyms, Fitness Center as well as a theater and black box drama studio.

The campus will open in 3 phases –

August 2018

Phase 1

Sports Center

  • Classrooms Grade 1-8
  • Library
  • Dining
  • Olympic Pool
  • Gym
  • Music Studio

Sports Field

January 2019

Phase 2

Main Building

  • Dining
  • Classrooms 1-12
  • Libraries
  • Art, Music, Science, Design studios and Chinese Culture Center

Sports Center

  • Olympic Pool
  • Gym
  • Fitness Center
  • Theater
  • Drama Studio
  • Sports Field

Phase 3

A Dome sports facility is planned to be added in the future.