Learning for the Future

As parents we share common goals for our children – we want them to be successful, healthy and happy. We want them to work hard, to achieve their potential and be involved in interesting, satisfying careers. We also want our children to ultimately become respectful, caring and contributing members of society.

To achieve our mission and prepare students to be balanced young people, ready to embrace the future, with the skills and attitudes to be successful in a rapidly changing world, we have developed a programme based upon 5 important principles:

  • Study globally relevant, balanced programmes and be proficient in at least two languages
  • Develop 21st Century Learning skills and competencies
  • Be immersed in an exciting and stimulating learning environment
  • Be confident adopters of technology
  • Participate fully as a member of a dynamic community


21st Century Learning

Innova is designed to prepare students to be successful in the 21st century. We are committed to the challenges and opportunities of the inter-connected age in which we live – one that demands a global perspective, a shared world citizenship, inventiveness, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The International Baccalaureate (IB): Internationally Recognized Curriculum

Innova will implement the internationally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes, providing holistic, inquiry-based learning experiences and allowing students to develop as balanced, life-long learners with a strong sense of social responsibility – qualities highly sought after by universities and employers around the world.

Leading Technology

Our curriculum teaches global literacies and places a strong emphasis on digital technology, global connectedness and communication, as well as on engagement in project-based learning and issues-based action learning, all designed to foster entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. Leading-edge technology is seamlessly integrated into the Innova environment, creating immersive and dynamic, media rich surroundings designed to enhance and support learning.

Exciting Learning Environment

Innova merges the face-to-face and virtual learning environments that support student learning styles. In doing so, Innova extends the teacher-student and student-student learning interface beyond the formal school day and provides parents with online access to detailed information about student achievement. In our dynamic physical environment, the campus features Piazzas that serve as Collaborative Learning Commons, Information and Media Center, ‘China Studies Center, Performing and Visual Arts Center, Sports Center along with cafes and public galleries.


Innova provides a rich language environment that enables students in Elementary School to become proficient speakers, while also developing literacies to read, write and think bilingually, supporting the continuation of subjects in English throughout Middle and High school.

A Learning Community

Innova is a community school and values the partnership between school and home. As such, we encourage parent participation in the life of the school – our commitment to the principle of community. Parents are always welcome, and Innova supports a wide range of parent activities, providing many events for both students and community. The Innova sense of community extends beyond that of the school itself and taps into the rich resources of the local and global community as we ‘think globally but act locally’ to make a difference to others and our environment through leadership, service and action.