Leading Technology

Innova understands the power of digital technologies in enhancing the educational experience and enabling students to collaborate and share their work as part of a global digital learning community. At Innova we provide a sophisticated IT-rich environment. Learning is integrated within the physical and virtual environments,which are available and supported at school, at home and on the move.

Technology plays a vital role in enhancing learning and empowering students to develop their higher order thinking skills. Applications include using a combination of software and hardware to compose and record a multi-track musical, tracking and evaluating movements requiring developing problem-solving skills in a physical education class, or designing and printing a 3D prototype of a new product. By integrating technology into the environment and curriculum, the possibilities are endless. Our ‘Maker Space’ is a key space in both the promotion and support of our belief in empowering students to create. Combining our belief in the power of innovation with the power of an inter-connected, engaged community, we also open our Maker Space to parents and the broader community after school hours and on weekends.


Each Innova student is required to have grade level designated devices, such as an iPad and/or laptop, which are used to create, collaborate, communicate and access digital resources. The school is also equipped with labs and studios to support teachers and students using these devices and empowers users to enhance their learning experience.

Innova’s learning resources are made available to students and parents via the web through our virtual ‘Collaborative Online Learning Environment’. This includes overviews, course content, video tutorials and micro lessons, assessments, calendars as well as student portfolios and student progress reports, and is available through secure internet access to both students and parents. It provides real-time, collaborative, online communication and a supportive environment between
teachers, students and parents. It also provides 24/7 access to the school’s library, media and information services and to many specialized databases and subscriptions.

Design and Digital Technology is also taught as a stand-alone subject within the curriculum from Grades 6 to 10. Dedicated technology coaches assist teachers in the effective use of technology throughout the curriculum. ‘Tech Coaches’ are available to students, staff and other members of the school community to develop technology skills in many different areas including digital media, design, programming and coding, and animation. Advanced and enrichment courses incorporating advanced level use of technology will also be offered through the extra-curricular and vacation programmes.

Students learn the skills and responsibilities of being a global citizen and to be conscious of both digital balance in their lives and their global digital footprint. We aim to develop in our students a robust and agile digital skillset to ensure they have a competitive edge in the future job market. Our approach to digital technologies provides students with an adaptable set of foundation skills to ensure they are capable of embracing the jobs of the future that, as of yet, do not exist.