Supporting Learning

Innova provides a comprehensive approach to supporting students in their learning. Our services, which include English Language Support, Enrichment, Special Learning Needs Support, Counseling and Health Services, assist students in achieving success in the school’s programmes. Innova specialists work with families to discuss individual student needs, collaborate on strategies for support and differentiation; and to empower optimum student learning. Students can access these services through self-referral or by request from teachers or parents. Support is offered through in-class support using an inclusion model and individualized support, as well as through mentoring and one-on-one meetings.

In the Middle and High Schools, Pastoral Care is provided by Homeroom Teachers to support students in their organization skills, discuss emergent issues and support personal and character development. This occurs throughout the school as well as at scheduled Pastoral Care classes. Homework and study support is provided through learning labs, on-line study support and study hall.

supporting learning

The Middle and High School Pastoral Care programme is an essential time for students and teachers to be together, where a key focus is on building relationships between teachers and students as well as between students. During this time, teachers serve as mentors and have the opportunity to get to know their students outside of the assessed academic subject areas. It ensures that each student has a close professional relationship with at least one adult in the school. Pastoral Care time also allows for incidental teaching of highly important issues, e.g. bullying, study skills, peer pressure, community and service projects, goal setting and self-management.

Across the school, assemblies add to the pastoral care structure and provide opportunities for student leadership, acknowledgement of individual and group achievement and developing a sense of group belonging.

Counselors are a critical part of creating a safe, inclusive and supportive school community, forming strong and trusting relationships with students and families. They work closely with teachers, administrators and other support services to support the social, emotional and academic needs of students. Counselors work at a variety of levels to support teaching and learning in the classroom. They also provide a range of support, such as peer mentoring and regular parent workshops.