More Than a School

A Learning Community

It is the vision and spirit of Innova that makes us truly unique. Teachers and staff are committed to the school’s mission and are passionate to make a difference to the lives of our young people and in the world. Innova provides a positive, can-do approach that brings out the best in everyone – a commitment to excellence in all we do.

Community is at the heart of our school and we embrace everyone as a member – students, staff and parents – working, playing and celebrating together in a caring and supportive environment. We are more than a school; we are a center of learning that serves the needs of the whole Innova community.


Parents are a child’s first teacher and serve as mentors for life. While many people are involved with the education of a child, with teachers and schools taking a large responsibility in education, we believe that the process works best as a partnership between home and school. We encourage parents to be partners in their child’s development and an active part
of our community as we work together to be the village that cares for, nurtures, and mentors each child.

‘It takes a village to educate a child’ – African saying

Innova understands that both schooling and adolescence are complex processes and that along the way there are opportunities for misunderstandings and issues to arise. At every stage, we warmly welcome parents to share any concerns or suggestions they have. Our doors are always open and we are always ready to listen and help find solutions. Indeed, Innova actively seeks parent input and feedback as part of our ongoing efforts for continual improvement. What’s more, in everything we do, Innova’s communications systems ensure everyone is in the loop with what’s happening in our busy school community.

We believe that it is important to showcase and celebrate achievement and to come together as a community that holds assemblies, exhibitions and events to showcase life at school, our programs and student accomplishments. With this in mind, and to ensure everyone feels welcome, we have created cafes and lounges where parents can feel comfortable and ‘at home’. At all times, parents are welcome to visit, drop by, enjoy the environment, have a casual catch up or a formal meeting with a teacher, counselor or principal or to spend time with other parents in one of our cafes or many parent clubs.

As a community school, we encourage parents to make Innova ‘their’ school. We support an active Parents’ Association to promote communication between school and parents and actively work together to enrich our programmes and activities through connections and resources. Innova works with parent groups to create special opportunities for parents to learn more about our programmes, discuss parenting issues and to get together in social interest groups. We also support a regular guest speaker series and parent initiated activities including English lessons, cooking classes and parent choirs.