Campus at a Glance

Campus at a Glance

The Innova campus is designed for 1,000 students including high quality accommodation. It is located in the Yizhuang economic development area of Beijing, close to the Tong Ji Nan Lu subway station, and includes an outstanding sports center, complete with indoor Olympic swimming pool, gymnasiums, recreation and fitness centers, sports fields and playgrounds.

Environment: Designed for Learning

Just as it is challenging to find water in a desert, we believe it is challenging to be inspired or be creative in an environment that is grey and lifeless. As such, we have taken great care to create a stimulating learning environment on campus that provokes inquiry and appreciation, responds to different styles of learning, and also reflects an appreciation for Chinese cultural heritage. Our Information and Media Center and our China Studies ‘Teahouse’ Centre, are good examples of this philosophy, becoming spaces for cultural focus, ever changing exhibitions, cultural studies, workshops, guest speakers and artists in residence. In the main building, the restaurant, cafe, shop, exhibition space, IT Help Desk, ‘Maker Space’ and outdoor plaza collectively serve as a central HUB of interaction for all of our community.

Aspiring to create social, emotional, physical, and virtual environments that people are inspired and excited to come to each day, Innova’s environmental designs are based on leading edge principles to support and facilitate student and learning centered programmes. Our ergonomically sound work tables and benches, for example, come in all shapes and sizes and allow students to sit and stand – making every space in the school a place and a space for learning. Spaces excite the senses, foster the imagination and encourage collaboration and celebration. Every space is uniquely designed to connect learners through multi modal approaches, thus also accommodating different learning styles.

Main Building

Floor 1:
Admissions Center, Lobby and Dining, Lobby Lounge, Restaurant,
Café, Information Desk, IT Help Desk
Floor 2 & 3:
Elementary School, Kindergarten Center,
Classrooms, ES Library & Piazzas, Clinic
Floor 4 & 5:
Middle & High School Classrooms and
Collaborative Learning Commons, Clinic

Floor 6:
MSHS Library & Information Center, Chinese Culture Center,
Community and Service Learning Center

Floor 7 & 8:
STEAM Center – Science, Technology, Maker Space,
Design Studios, Art and Music Studios

Floor 9:

Floor 10 & 11:
Student Residences

Sports Center

Floor 1:
Swimming Pool, Café, Fitness Center

Floor 2:
Table Tennis, Dance/Drama Studio

Floor 3:
Gymnasium, Badminton, Theater

Floor 4:
Black Box Drama Studio