A Complete Education

Forging Strong Character - 全面发展的教育

Forging Strong Character & Lasting Friendships

Innova focuses on the holistic and balanced development of each student and provides a wide range of activities designed to enrich the life experiences and social and physical development of each student. We understand that character and values can’t be learned from a book – they need to be modeled, talked about and lived. As such, opportunities for learning at Innova extend far beyond the classroom and into both the community and outdoors.

Through these programmes, students grow personally, develop international mindedness, learn new skills, engage in leadership, work collaboratively, learn to persevere, and reflect on their actions. They discover themselves, build lasting friendships and have shared experiences that can endure throughout life.


Reflecting a central practice in IB planning, each of the three IB Programmes (Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme) have woven within them transdisciplinary themes, which oftentimes provide teachers opportunities to design extraordinary learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom. In the Primary Years Programme, such learning experiences could include combining digital technologies learning with the “Where We Are in Place and Time” Unit of Inquiry (UOI) to create news reporter broadcasts from multiple styles of accommodations found in Beijing.

In the Middle Years Programme, such learning experiences could include combining physics, art, the design cycle and a visit to a traditional ceramics workshop to design unique pottery to be used in a tea ceremony in our Chinese teahouse. In the Diploma Programme, students could choose to apply learning from standard or high level classes to their Extended Essay or Creativity Action Service (CAS) work, resulting in opening an online business or supporting a charity in another part of the country.

Innova’s community service programmes provide opportunities to engage in challenge-based learning by exploring issues and needs within the community, developing plans, and taking action to make a difference. Outdoor education experiences are designed to allow students to disconnect from the technology and the distractions of daily life and connect with nature. Outdoor challenge-based learning and self-management activities are designed to promote independence and self-discovery as well as build resilience, collaboration and leadership.


Extracurricular activities extend students’ interests and abilities, providing opportunities for building relationships, cooperation and leadership, and help them to develop as healthy, balanced young people. Such activities promote an active lifestyle, the development of social and interpersonal skills, encourage students to make positive lifestyle choices, manage time effectively and develop leadership skills.

Innova’s extra-curricular activities programme covers all areas of student interest including student leadership, community service, athletics, the arts and cultural groups. Programmes are available for students before school, lunchtime, after school, evenings, weekends and vacations. Our extra-curricular programme in the Middle/High Schools also includes participation in interschool sports tournaments, arts festivals and special events throughout the year.