A Home Away From Home

Innova provides a friendly, comfortable and inviting residential experience for students in Grade 6-12, designed to create a vibrant close-knit community, where friendships are forged and young people develop independence, confidence and self-reliance.

In learning to live collectively, and through participation in numerous activities, events and trips, Innova’s residential students not only grow and flourish as individuals, but as members of our residential family, supported by our robust pastoral care system.

home away from home

Living on campus reduces time lost travelling to and from school each day and takes advantage of this extra time to provide an extended support system of supervising teachers and counselors to support students in their personal and social development. The residential programme includes homework and study support from teaching staff, an English language
immersion environment that fosters independence and life skills, and additional preparation for university life abroad. Additionally, residential students have scheduled study periods each evening to instill positive study habits and keep up with homework. During these periods, teachers are scheduled to supervise and support students, to ensure that each student’s homework and academic progress is monitored and supported.

The spacious and well-appointed residential student studio apartments are located on the upper two floors of the main building. Each floor is designed to mimic an extended family, a self contained residential community which includes ‘house parent’ apartments for supervising teachers, student suites, a shared common living space, kitchenette and laundry. Student apartments feature living and study space and a shared bathroom. A central dining room provides an opportunity for all residential students to come together as a community for breakfast and dinner as well as group activities. Study hall is provided in the Middle/High School library.

Just like at home, residential students at Innova lead a busy life after school and on weekends – studying, making new friends, and taking part in activities, sports and trips. Our extensive after-school, extra-curricular and vacation enrichment programme supports students’ personal interests and leadership skills as part of Innova’s holistic education programme. Such programmes are of particular benefit to students applying to universities abroad, many of which require well-rounded personal portfolios.