What’s the buzz?


It seems that lately our office has been overtaken by a constant and stimulating buzz about the creators’ philosophy of Innova Academy.  Conversations about the latest technologies and the possible personal and academic connections, trialling of high-tech gadgets and products and engaging in conversations and active interactions with interesting industry people have added to this air of excitement.  Enthusiastic educators are learning how to create a mindset and an environment that will support differentiated and personalized learning for all of our students.

These types of learning spaces are becoming more common in today’s schools because they offer a complete learning environment that is inviting and inclusive and encourages vast opportunities for students. Innova Academy’s creators’ spaces will be interspersed throughout the school, available to every student to explore and create their wonderings in a supportive, collaborative and stimulating environment where ideas are endless. Passion and innovation are at the heart of our spirit at Innova Academy. We believe that our makers’ environment will nurture inquiry, investigation and real-world experiential learning.

Some of Innova Academy’s purposefully positioned creators’ spaces will be intermingled in the library areas. Arranging flexible creator spaces in libraries is another step in the evolving debate over what a library’s core mission is or should be. I see our libraries at Innova Academy ensuring that our students and staff are informed, self-directed, discriminating and effective users of ideas, information, resources and materials. Of course we need to remember that at our core, we are still a library and our focus is on supporting and promoting literacy, and these creator spaces are an extension of our library. What better way to see this come to fruition than to support the whole child in a well-resourced, multi-dimensional library space?

So, as the buzz continues, so too does my excitement about the environment. These are exhilarating times that provoke thought about our future at Innova Academy.