China Educational Equipment Exhibition

Recently I attended  ‘China’s Educational Equipment Exhibition at Beijing’s Conventional Centre.

As an educator with a keen interest in technology integration, I was able to get a clear picture of the market and the plethora of educational resources that were available.

Together with Grace Yang we presented Origins vision on how technology changes teaching practice.

I was delighted with the high attendance and the engagement from the visitors but most importantly I was very glad to interact with other educators who share the same concern and ideas about  21st century learning and modern teaching.

Our presentation was an introduction to what Origins has to offer as a learning institute in the rapidly changing field of education. After the end of the presentation, we had the chance to exchange experiences with other educators and explore ideas on the ways we can implement tools like robots and drones in students’ learning.


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About Nikos Kritsantonis

Nikos Kritsantonis has been working in international education the past 10 years. His experience has been enriched, both professionally and culturally, by working in diverse school environments in Europe and Asia as a Homeroom teacher, Theater manager and Drama Coordinator. Nikos sees himself as a facilitator of students' knowledge. He is passionate about implementing technology and design thinking to his practice, and his educational philosophy aligns with the inquiry-driven educational movement. He believes that the teachers’ role is to create learning environments where kids will find the space to unfold their unique talents.