Our Beliefs

Children and Learning are at Our Core

At Innova, children are at the core of everything we do. We constantly challenge ourselves to ensure that everything we do is to ensure learning and the growth and development of our students.

Innova Academy places a core focus on each student:

As a Learner – developing independent lifelong learners.

As a Person – developing their character, empathy and leadership.

As a Citizen of the Future – equipped with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, flexibility and resilience to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world and be successful and affect positive change.

Innova Academy shares these common goals with parents for their child:

  • We want them to be successful, healthy and happy.
  • We want them to work hard, to achieve their potential and be involved in interesting, satisfying careers.
  • We also want each child to ultimately become respectful, caring and contributing members of society.

Our Vision

‘To develop responsible learners for the future’

Our Mission

To inspire students to Wonder, challenge to Explore, support students to Create and empower students to Connect’

Our Pillars

Our approach to education is based on 6 key pillars, these are:

  • Vision
  • Leadership
  • Programmes
  • Action
  • Community
  • Environment
Innova Academy Educational Philosophy Diagram

At Innova, children are at our core. We strive to nurture our students as The Learner, The Person, The Future.

Guiding Statements

Innova’s Guiding Statements are the foundation of our beliefs and guide our work with each student.

To achieve our mission and prepare students to be balanced young people, ready to embrace the future, with the skills and attitudes to be successful in a rapidly changing world, we provide a programme based upon 5 important principles:

  • Study globally relevant, balanced programmes and be proficient in English and Chinese
  • Develop future-ready skills and competencies
  • Be immersed in an exciting and stimulating learning environment
  • Be confident users of technology
  • Participate fully as members of a dynamic community

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