Our Inspiration

Innova Academy has been established with a strong vision and sense of mission – to prepare our current generation of learners to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world of the future and be responsible global citizens committed to action and service.

‘Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship’ are at the heart of the school. These human skills are natural in all of us. They need to be nurtured and are uniquely human qualities that are not easily replicated through automation or programmable through Artificial Intelligence.

From ‘Innovation’ we take our English name for the school ‘Innova’.

Innovation – ‘change, alteration, transformation, breakthrough – the action or process of innovating, the introduction of something new’.

This comes from the Latin root word ‘nova’ meaning new. In English ‘nova’  has come to mean a ‘new star’ which has given inspiration to the design of our logo – a burst of bright light.

Our logo also reflects the diversity of our ‘learning community’ – children and adults of all ages and backgrounds. 

Equally important at Innova Academy is the concept of community and heritage which relate to the bigger concepts of global citizenship, community, languages, cultural understanding and appreciation, and contribution to society through service and action.

Our Chinese name ‘Hong Yu’ is captured in the poem below – 

鸿鹄辈出   Hong hu bei chu
誉满华夏   Yu man hua xia

‘Generations of geese going out
Spreading a reputation all around China’

Experience, Quality, Integrity

The development of Innova Academy and Innova Early Years Center is being led by John McBryde, a leading international educator who has made many contributions to education in China since he first started as the Director of the Western Academy of Beijing in 1998.

With more than 30 years of experience leading international schools in Asia, he has received many awards for his service and contributions to international education, ranging from the Council of International Schools to Chaoyang Municipal Government, Beijing.

He co-founded the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools in 1999 and has served as an education consultant to the Chinese Ministry of Education.

John has a strong background in establishing and growing new schools. He has a deep commitment to the International Baccalaureate programme and has a strong interest in Future-Focused education, technology, the Arts, school design as well as a great passion for Chinese culture.

Together with a team of Chinese and international educators, they established Origins Education and ‘ORLI’, the Origins Research and Learning Institute’ to support the development of internationalized education in China.

This has led to the creation of the Origins Curriculum – a Grade 1 to Grade 12 International curriculum based on leading education pedagogies, IB program philosophy and structure, international curriculum standards and the requirements of Chinese National curriculum for basic education (Grades 1-9).

Tian Hong Education has partnered with Origins Education to form Tian Hong Origins to establish the Innova Early Years Centers in Chaoyang and Yizhaung districts. The kindergartens have already established a reputation for innovation and quality education within a unique learning environment, which will continue with the opening of the Innova Academy.

Innova Academy, opening in August 2020 will draw on leading education practice, deep experience and strong reputation to become a leading school preparing  responsible students for the future’,  who are inspired to Wonder, challenged to Explore, supported to Create and empowered to Connect’.

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