The Inspiration for Innova

Supported by modern facilities and underpinned by world-class programmes, the Innova school community is full of life and promise, with each individual member embarked on their own unique journey of learning. Our name is a reflection of that community. The English word ‘Innova’ is derived from the Latin ‘Nova’, meaning ‘new’, suggestive of growth, and root of the word ‘innovate’ – key concepts in our identity and our approach to education. Our Chinese name is comprised of two key characters: 鸿誉 (hong yu), as explained below, and 学校 (xue xiao), meaning school. 鸿 (hong), means ‘magnificence’ and 誉 (yu) means ‘honor’. When combined, these two characters spur images of positivity, of a bright future, of journeys with infinite possibilities.

The Innova logo is made up of two distinct parts: the ‘sail’ graphic on the left, which parallels the four parts of our school’s guiding statements: “Wonder, Explore, Create, Connect” and the English and Chinese names on the right. More than a label, the Innova logo serves as the centerpiece in the school’s visual identity and represents the energy, vitality, and promise for the future that the school itself projects. Capturing this energy, the Innova logo is vibrant, dynamic and modern. It also introduces the viewer to the essence of Innova Academy – its colors and angles representative of the energy in every corner of our community.

Learning changes us as people. As we grow, learn and travel, broadening our perspectives and making connections, we uncover different areas of interest, different subjects that capture our hearts and our minds, fueling passion, creativity and innovation. Learning inspires us; it is infinitely complex and exciting. Visually, this dynamism is represented through the sail: its shape, movement and individual elements: each having its own unique personality, its own distinguishing characteristics: color, orientation, size and direction. The sail’s four elements collectively represent the passions, energies and excitement present in every learner’s journey, indeed in every learner’s life.

The words in the logo are clean and crisp, easily distinguishable to the viewer. As such, they are able to stand proud as the mark of an education institution. The fonts chosen are confident in their own right, without the need for serifs or special treatment. Our English and Chinese names stand side by side in our logo – prominently and elegantly, indicative of the importance Innova places on the two languages, our connection to China, and to international mindedness.