Mission, Values & Spirit

Our Mission

In our core considerations, an Innova education highlights the learner, using a student-centered approach to lifelong learning, the person, by fostering character, leadership, service and action, and the future, by developing the skills needed to both be successful and affect positive change. Our approach to education is based on 6 pillars: Vision and Leadership, Programmes and Action, Community and Environment. With an emphasis on Chinese and English language, Innova’s mission is to “develop responsible learners ready for the future,” learners who, through our approach to education are inspired to wonder, challenged to explore, supported to create and empowered to connect. These guiding statements are summarized by the graphic below.

Innova Guiding Statements

Our Spirit

Passion and innovation are at the heart of our spirit. Innova nurtures inquiry, investigation and real world experiential learning by providing a supportive and collaborative environment where ideas abound and receive the support needed to be put into practice.