Future Ready

Although many schools have expertise in providing high-quality education and supporting students to gain entry to quality universities around the world, there is a new challenge facing schools.

While following best practices in education has been highly effective until recent years, the challenge now faced is this approach no longer meets the increasingly complex needs of today’s learner, who will graduate university in the next 8 to 20 years.

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Half of today’s jobs will disappear to automation and be replaced by jobs that we cannot yet imagine. The Information and technology revolution has changed the role of knowledge and complex thinking skills in jobs.

The highly sought after jobs of the future will require creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills, high-level complex thinking and problem-solving skills. Highly refined human qualities of EQ and skills such as communication, collaboration, negotiation and intercultural intelligence will also be in high demand.

Innova Academy embraces this challenge, drawing on current best practice and leading research to incorporate the skills of the future and develop the personal qualities to needed in a rapidly changing age.

Student wearing VR headsetOne of the basic new literacies of the 21st century is technological literacy and as with other literacies they need to be applied every day in all learning.

Innova Academy is passionate about the use of technology and systems to enrich and personalize learning. Technology is also employed to provide students with the communication, collaboration and production skills, attitudes and modes of working today and in the future that will be expected as basic skills.

Authentic interdisciplinary learning opportunities are provided to help engage students in meaningful discovery, insights and deep learning. Design thinking is encouraged throughout this, and opportunities provided for engaging in team-based problem-based learning.

Students are encouraged to seek out problems, and find unique solutions, turning them into opportunities. Students are also taught to engage in entrepreneurial action to share their solutions with others, both at home and globally.

A growth mindset, creativity and innovation are encouraged throughout all programmes. With the support of teacher mentors and coaches, time is allocated regularly, for students to follow their passions, extend their learning and experiment in areas of interest.

In our technologically centric age, Innova Academy recognizes the importance of STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and offers strong programmes throughout the IB structure. In addition, Maker Spaces are provided to undertake interdisciplinary projects.

The learning environment is designed to embrace different modalities of learning and to reflect the contemporary world of work environments to promote creativity, collaboration and to allow for project work. These include shared workspaces for individual and teamwork, media and editing studios, and video conferencing facilities.

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