Outstanding Educators

Visionary School Leadership

Innova Academy has assembled a team of exceptional school leaders – educators and administrators, with years of proven leadership in successful school in China and around the world. They all share a passion for the vision of the school and a commitment to servant leadership, student centered education and excellence.

The team is unique in that all have had experience working in China with most having lived many years in Beijing. A strong pre-operational team has worked for more than 2 years on preparations for the opening of the school paying great attention to detail and quality in all areas of operation to ensure that the academy operates efficiently and at the highest quality levels.

The Head of School is Karen O’Connoll who served with John as the Deputy Director at Western Academy of Beijing  for 14 years from 2019-2013. She has established a strong reputation and is great loyalty amongst teachers who for her effective leadership, openness, ability to forge strong collaborative learning communities, and her genuine care for teachers, children and the community. Karen joins us from the prestigious United World College, South East Asia.

A unique aspect of the leadership is that most members of the team have previously worked together with both John and Karen either as part of the pre-operational team or at the Western Academy of Beijing or other schools, and are passionate about the vision of the school. All have a shared experience and understanding of how ‘we work together’, and share the same understandings and philosophies.

Qualified, Committed, Caring Teachers

The faculty has been carefully recruited from around the world, all with experience in high quality international schools. In addition to their skills in teaching and learning they all are committed educators who are passionate about learning and share a genuine care for children.

The Elementary School follows a co-teacher model where there are two teachers per classroom – a foreign teacher and a Chinese teacher. Both plan together with their grade level teams and as a team they teach, support and assess student learning and growth. They are supported by a classroom teaching assistant and EAL and learning support teachers and a counselor.

The co-teacher model and support teacher services are designed to provide a very personal teacher : student ratio and support individualized student centered learning.

The Elementary team is supported by specialist subject teachers in Art, Music, Physical Education, Design, Library & Media,

The Middle/High School Team works in subject and inter-disciplinary planning groups. Students are grouped in Homeroom groups for pastoral care and have 2 Home Room teachers assigned to each Homeroom group