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The Innova programme is designed to support students to gain entrance to overseas universities and to be successful not only at university but also later on in their careers and lives. Innova’s extra-curricular, leadership and community service programmes provide students with the experiences to present themselves as ‘stand out’ students in their applications and university interviews.


The IB Diploma programme is highly regarded by universities worldwide and provides a strong foundation for success at university and in life. Students with high IB results gain entrance to the world’s top universities, often with advanced placement and scholarships offered. Using the IB’s predicted scores system, Innova students can be informed about which universities and programmes they can expect to be successful in applying to, and which schools may award scholarships and/or advanced credit.

Entrance to university requires making decisions about career directions, courses of study and getting ready to live independently, often in a new country. It requires academic success, English language proficiency, maturity, independence and life skills.

University counselors at Innova assist students and their families with planning for university through career planning, college/university selection and applications, work experience placements, mentoring and life experience workshops. Innova counselors work with each student and family to identify university goals and then work with teachers and coordinators to help students achieve them.

Counselors work with students with the timing and step-by-step process of making university applications, including application and recommendation letters, preparing for and taking SAT/ACT tests, and managing IB predicted scores and university acceptances. Innova also makes arrangements for the SAT/ ACT and other programmes, including preparation courses to help students achieve their best results.

Each year, Innova organizes a number of universities from North America, the UK and Asia to visit the campus to help students raise awareness of the range of university options available and gain a sense of university life by speaking directly with university representatives. Innova also organizes vacation study trips to selected universities each summer.

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